Flowers from Lithuania

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Omg! What can I say about this? ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE! :D A card full of purple aster from Regina in Lithuania. =]

Origin: Kaunas, Lithuania (8,031km in 9 days)
What's surprising is, Regina send an extra card of sunflowers as RAS! How sweet she is. :D
And her stamps are very nice! =] Thanks Regina. :)
Stamps: (left to right)
From the Stocks of Museums Roki Rokiškis Regional Museum - L.Šepka St.Jurgis. 1969., Lithuania, 2008
WWF. European Roller - Twittering European Roller, Lithuania, 2008

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First Nations in Canada

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From Quinn in for Canada tag. First Nations are the aboriginal peoples in Canada. Look at the colorful costume! :D
First Nations people, True Founders of Canda
Origin: Manitoulin Island, Canada (12,297km in 13 days)
I love the flower stamp! Thanks Quinn. =]
Stamps: (left above, left below, right above, right below)
Sports of the 2010 Winter Games - Snowboarding, Canada, 2009
Celebration, Canada, 2009
Rhododendrons, Canada, 2009
Beneficial Insects - Chrysopa Occulata, Canada, 2007

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Catch of the Day

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From Craig in Michigan, for April RR. Wow! The fish is so big, even taller than a kid. @_@
Catch of the Day, Bay Country, MI
Origin: Michigan, the U.S.A. (12,495km in 14 days)
Craig put a lots of nice stamps too! =] Thanks Craig! I love the Lincoln ones. :D
Stamps: (left above, left below, right)
Abraham Lincoln commemorative stamp - Politician, U.S.A., 2009
Abraham Lincoln commemorative stamp - President, U.S.A., 2009
American Clock, U.S.A., 2003

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Otepää Town Hall

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From Janek in Estonia, for April RR. Snowy scene in Estonia. =]
Otepää Town Hall and ski-tracks
Origin: Harjumaa, Estonia (7,889km in 7 days)
Janek put beautiful stamps of folk costumes! Thanks Janek. =]
Stamps: (left to right)
Coat of arms(277), Estonia, 2003
Mulk folk costumes: Viljandi County - Paistu(234), Estonia, 2001
Estonia Folk Costumes: Järva County - Ambla, Estonia, 2005

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Kampung Kling Mosque

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Kampung Kling Mosque from Nurulhuda in Malaysia, for April RR. How nice of her to put special stamp of Kampung Kling Mosque also! =] It's an old mosque in Malacca.
Masjid Kampung Kling (Kampung Kling Mosque)
Origin: Johor, Malaysia (2,567km in 13 days)
Stamp: World Heritage Sites - Banda Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia, 2009

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Another Finnish snow

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From Essi (@_@ same name with Essi from G2KY and they're both from Finland!) for April RR.

Origin: Helsinki, Finland (7,836km in 6 days)
Wow! the stamp is so COOL! :D a moving race car! but I can't find any info on it... :(
Unknown, Finland, 2008

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Turkish palace

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Turkish palace from Kemalcan for a tag. =] I love the gorgeous Spoonmaker's Diamond and Topkapı Dagger. XDDD Women all love jewels. Thanks Kemalcan. =]

Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
left: Ceremonial Gate of Topkapı Palace
right above: The Kaşıkçı Diamond (Spoonmaker's Diamond)
right middle:"Mehter" Turkish ancien military musicians
right below: The famous emerald and diamond encrusted "Topkapı Dagger"
Origin: Istanbul, Turkey (8,029km in 8 days)
Stamp: Our Cities - Bartın, Turkey, 2008

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