Flowers from Lithuania

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Omg! What can I say about this? ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE! :D A card full of purple aster from Regina in Lithuania. =]

Origin: Kaunas, Lithuania (8,031km in 9 days)
What's surprising is, Regina send an extra card of sunflowers as RAS! How sweet she is. :D
And her stamps are very nice! =] Thanks Regina. :)
Stamps: (left to right)
From the Stocks of Museums Roki Rokiškis Regional Museum - L.Šepka St.Jurgis. 1969., Lithuania, 2008
WWF. European Roller - Twittering European Roller, Lithuania, 2008

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First Nations in Canada

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From Quinn in for Canada tag. First Nations are the aboriginal peoples in Canada. Look at the colorful costume! :D
First Nations people, True Founders of Canda
Origin: Manitoulin Island, Canada (12,297km in 13 days)
I love the flower stamp! Thanks Quinn. =]
Stamps: (left above, left below, right above, right below)
Sports of the 2010 Winter Games - Snowboarding, Canada, 2009
Celebration, Canada, 2009
Rhododendrons, Canada, 2009
Beneficial Insects - Chrysopa Occulata, Canada, 2007

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Catch of the Day

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From Craig in Michigan, for April RR. Wow! The fish is so big, even taller than a kid. @_@
Catch of the Day, Bay Country, MI
Origin: Michigan, the U.S.A. (12,495km in 14 days)
Craig put a lots of nice stamps too! =] Thanks Craig! I love the Lincoln ones. :D
Stamps: (left above, left below, right)
Abraham Lincoln commemorative stamp - Politician, U.S.A., 2009
Abraham Lincoln commemorative stamp - President, U.S.A., 2009
American Clock, U.S.A., 2003

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Otepää Town Hall

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From Janek in Estonia, for April RR. Snowy scene in Estonia. =]
Otepää Town Hall and ski-tracks
Origin: Harjumaa, Estonia (7,889km in 7 days)
Janek put beautiful stamps of folk costumes! Thanks Janek. =]
Stamps: (left to right)
Coat of arms(277), Estonia, 2003
Mulk folk costumes: Viljandi County - Paistu(234), Estonia, 2001
Estonia Folk Costumes: Järva County - Ambla, Estonia, 2005

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Kampung Kling Mosque

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Kampung Kling Mosque from Nurulhuda in Malaysia, for April RR. How nice of her to put special stamp of Kampung Kling Mosque also! =] It's an old mosque in Malacca.
Masjid Kampung Kling (Kampung Kling Mosque)
Origin: Johor, Malaysia (2,567km in 13 days)
Stamp: World Heritage Sites - Banda Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia, 2009

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Another Finnish snow

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From Essi (@_@ same name with Essi from G2KY and they're both from Finland!) for April RR.

Origin: Helsinki, Finland (7,836km in 6 days)
Wow! the stamp is so COOL! :D a moving race car! but I can't find any info on it... :(
Unknown, Finland, 2008

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Turkish palace

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Turkish palace from Kemalcan for a tag. =] I love the gorgeous Spoonmaker's Diamond and Topkapı Dagger. XDDD Women all love jewels. Thanks Kemalcan. =]

Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
left: Ceremonial Gate of Topkapı Palace
right above: The Kaşıkçı Diamond (Spoonmaker's Diamond)
right middle:"Mehter" Turkish ancien military musicians
right below: The famous emerald and diamond encrusted "Topkapı Dagger"
Origin: Istanbul, Turkey (8,029km in 8 days)
Stamp: Our Cities - Bartın, Turkey, 2008

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Official from Finland

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FI-542017 from Miira in Finland. A closeup of a adorable smiling baby. :D I love his smile and the cute little bow tie. =]

Risette, Tiny Tot Titter
Origin: Helsinki (7,857km in 6 days)
My theory is right again :D Finnish postcrossers put stickers. If I didn't get it wrong, this card is posted at the The WeeGee Exhibition Centre in Helsinki! @_@ See the unusual postmark.
Stamp: Espoo, Finland, unknown year

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Official from Turkey

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TR-19156 from Ezgi in Turkey. A painting of snow scene by a Turkish painter, Esat Acet. Es muy bonita! =] Muchas gracias, Ezgi.

Asker Ressam: Esat Acet (1999) Özel Koleksiyon
(Troop Painter: Esat Acet (1999) Special Collection)
Orign: İzmir, Turkey (8,269km in 9 days)

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Long Long Snow...

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First card from Essi! :D The longest snow card (actually is the longest card) I've ever got. XDDD Yes Essi, the view is amazing! and the sun hasn't highly risen yet. =]

Daybreak at Pallastunturi
Origin: Lappeenranta, Finland (7,656km in 7 days)
I guess I'm right. Finnish postcrossers love using stickers. :P and I love receiving cards with stickers! =] Thanks Essi for the adorable cat.
Stamp: Moths - Arctia Caja (Garden Tiger Moth, Finland, 2008

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Sanssouci in Potsdam

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By far, the German cards I received are very nice :) and certainly this one is. Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam from Rafal, for Different Countries RR.

Sanssouci, Potsdam
Origin: Berlin, Germany (8.785km in 8 days)

Stamps: left to right
Leuchttürme - Warnemünde (Lighthouse - Warnemünde), Germany, 2008
50 Jahre Lebenshilfe (50 Years Life Assistance(???)), Germany, 2008

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Longest Castle Complex in Europe

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Janett, I got your card for Europe tag! :D and I LOVE it! =] The card shows the longest castle complex in Europe, Castle Burghausen. @_@

With a length of over 1000 metres (!!!!) and almost all of its medieval fortifications still intact, Burghausen is one of the most impressive and largest castle complexes in Europe. From 1255 on it was the second residence of the dukes of Lower Bavarian and the court of their consorts.

In the late Middle Ages Duke Georg der Reiche (George the Rich) turned the castle with its six courtyards into the strongest fortress in the country.
Burghausen an der Salzach
(Burghausen at the Salzach river)
Origin: Rottal-Inn, Germany (9,075km in 12 days)
Again, nice flowers stamps. =] Pay attention to the special postmark on the left! It's the mark for Landshuter Hochzeit (Landshut Wedding), one of the largest historical pageants in Europe!
Official site of Landshuter Hochzeit:
Landshuter Hochzeit on Wiki:
Stamps: (left to right)
Krokus (Crocus), Germany, 2005
Krokus (Crocus), Germany, 2005
Narzisse (Narcissus), Germany, 2006

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Card from India!

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Saujanya in India sent me this card showing Indian dancers, for April RR. =] The costumes are nice. :)

Folk Dance, Tamilnadu, India
Origin: Karnataka, India (4,020km in 12 days)
Stamps: (left to right)
10th definitive series - Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, India, 2009
Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhui commemorative stamp, India, 2008
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy Hyderabad commemorative stamp, India, 2008

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Field of Sunflowers

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Wow! a large field of sunny sunflowers! :D Thanks Marie in Canada for sending this as card for April RR. =]

A Field of Sunflowers on the Prairies
Origin: Ontario, Canada (12,585 in 14 days)
Stamp: Prepaid card, Canada, unknown year

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Tuscany in Italy

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Second official card is from Monica in Italy, with postcard id IT-43696. =] The card shows the countryside in Italy with red poppy flowers! =]

Tuscany, Italy
Origin: Perugia, Italy (9,260km in 6 days)
Stamp: Women in art - Painting " Cortigiane" of the Carpaccio, Italy, 2004

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First Official came eventually!

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My first official came today! :D I opened my mailbox yesterday, 12th May, and found there 2 official cards out of 7 received cards. The two officials arrived together, so it's a question for me to decide which card should I register first! (:P maybe no one really cares about that) One card was sent on 2nd May and the other one was sent on 5th May, so I consider the 2nd May one as the first. =] Now, what's that lucky country? *drums*

It's Germany! :D Sent by Elisa ith postcard id DE-333599. Wow... Germans have sent many cards... @_@

Mond . Moon . Lone
Origin: Dresden, Germany (8,818km in 10 days)
I love the purple changing into red and orange in this card! Did I mention I can't resist anything purple? XDD
Stamp: Tränendes Herz (Dicentra spectabilis / Bleeding Heart), Germany, 2006

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Card from Israel!

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Private swap with Debora in Israel. :) Actually I love all her cards, with views of places I read about long ago: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, etc (I studied in a Christian school for my primary education). At last, I picked a Jerusalem card and I like the card very much! :D It's a pity that the post office put a postmark at the front... :(

Jerusalem, the Old City Origin: Netanya, Israel (7,767km in 11 days)
The stamp is special too. =] It's a joint issue stamp by Israel and France.
Stamp: "60 Years of Friedship Israel France" joint issue stamp - Airplane & Paris Eiffel Tower, Israel, 2008

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Aster card from Finland

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Another BEAUTIFUL aster card, from Minna in Finland, for May RR. This is one of my favorites for two reasons: aster & yellow. :D I'm irresistible to two colors, purple and yellow. @_@ I guess most of my clothes are of these two color, LOL.

Origin: Joensuu, Finland (7,552km in 7 days)
Another Finnish postcrosser who put stickers! :D Minna's stickers are cute dolphins, with silver lining. They sparkle under the sun! :D
Stamp:Moths - Deilephila Elpenor (Elephant Hawk-moth), Finland, 2008

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Legong Dancer

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Yes, Febriani, both of your cards arrive on 11th May. =] Another card showing traditional dancer of Bali, for May RR. The card show a dancer of Legong, I love the delicate clothings. =]
Legong Dancer
Origin: Banten, Indonesia (3,254km in 13 days)Stamp: Greeting Stamp - Ucapan selamat, Indonesia, 2001

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Cute Little Girl

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Cute little girl from Finland, sent by Raili, for May RR. (yes.. I joined the May RR too :P) Look at those big blue eyes! :)

Little GirlOrigin: Vähäkyrö, Finland (7,968km in 6 days)
Raili put stickers too, Tigger and Cinderella! :D Finnish postcrossers are so nice.
Stamps: (up, lower left, lower right)
Memories of Finland - Skiing, Finland, 2007
Forget-me-not, Finland, 2002
Forget-me-not, Finland, 2002

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First Japan card

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Snow card from Tokyo, sent by Cockie for Asia Inside RR. =] I went to Tokyo for 7 days last summer even I can barely speak Japanese. I like the the city because you have no problem with living even you don't speak Japanese. =]
Frost Flowers
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Stamps: (left to right)
"The Tale of Genji" Hello Kitty special stamps, Japan, 2008
Japanese Bee definitive, Japan, unkown year

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Skiing in Finland

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Another skiing card! =] with a little house this time, sent by Ritva in Finland, for a tag. She wrote to me in Finnish, with translation in Spanish. :D My first card with Spanish on it. Thanks Rituc. =]

Suomi Finland
Origin: Turku, Finland (7,987km in 6 days)
Stamps: (left to right)
Lily-of-the-valley, Finland, 2003
Forget-me-not, Finland, 2002
Bear Cub, Finland, 2004

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Snow card from Switzerland, sent by Grace for April RR. Isn't that the Alps at the background?! @_@ Haha.. Wiki told me that it's Bernese Alps, western part of the Alps. :D I think about the Paramount Pictures when I see this card, LOL. XDDD
Grindelwald, Watterhorn
Origin: Lachen, Switzerland (9,319km in 5 days)
Stamp: Special stamp "Switzerland through the eyes of foreign artists"-Italy-Laura
Mangiavacchi - Swiss Army Knives, Switzerland, 2008

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